Greater Kafue Ecosystem

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Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest protected area and, combined with the adjacent GMA’s, comprises one of the most vast wildlife areas remaining in Africa. Kafue NP also forms part of the even bigger KAZA TFCA; forming one of the world’s biggest protected ecological networks, if not the biggest and housing the world’s largest population of African wild dogs.

Long been thought to contain the country’s most significant numbers of African wild dogs and cheetah, the area historically lacked the research and monitoring work needed for the conservation of both species. ZCP’s Kafue Project focuses on wild dog and cheetah dynamics while collaborating with the Kafue Lion Project on carnivore guild and predator-prey research. While the project is still in its early stages all indications support the importance of Kafue as a stronghold for these carnivore species.

Zambian Carnivore Programme