The Greater Liuwa Ecosystem

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A vast seasonally flooded ecosystem in the Western Province, Liuwa Plain’s stunning wildlife was nearly decimated following years of heavy poaching resulting from civil war in neighboring Angola. Under the management of African Parks Zambia this area is undergoing a rapid recovery. While the full complement of wildlife species is being restored, ZCP’s full-time field research and monitoring programme, in concert with restoration efforts, allows for research-based conservation of this unique system.

Liuwa is unique in that its carnivore community is dominated by spotted hyena, as the lion population was reduced to one lone lioness, providing unique opportunities to gain insights into the relative impacts of lion and hyena on cheetah and wild dog respectively. In addition to carnivore work ZCP conducts a collaborative long-term demographic study on the keystone species of Liuwa, the wildebeest, in order to provide management and conservation insights for the area’s recovery.

Zambian Carnivore Programme