Luangwa and Mid-Zambezi Valleys Ecosystem

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The whole of the Luangwa and Mid-Zambezi Valleys Ecosystem forms an ecological network of National Parks connected through Game Management Area’s (GMA) forming an unfenced, relatively undisturbed wilderness area of over 70,000 km2. The area houses Zambia’s largest lion population and the second-largest wild dog population and one of its largest leopard populations.

ZCP work focuses heavily on lions and wild dogs with carnivore guild dynamics and predator prey dynamics. Lions and leopards in this system have considerable importance for photographic and hunting safaris and obtaining accurate and current data on these populations to help guide management is one of our top priorities. There are indications that Eastern Zambia may have one of the more significant remaining wild dog populations in Africa, and is of even more significance in its potential for providing connectivity to Eastern and Southern African wild dog populations in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

Zambian Carnivore Programme