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Assessing the sustainability of African lion trophy hunting, with recommendations for policy.

Creel, S., J. M'soka, E.Droge, E.G. Rosenblatt, M.S.Becker, W. Matandiko, and T. Simpamba. 2016.

Ecological Applications. DOI: 10.1002/eap.1377

Aging traits and sustainable trophy hunting of African lions.

Miller, J.R.B., G. Balme, P.A.Lindsey, A. Loveridge, M.S. Becker, C. Begg, H. Brink, S. Dolrenry, J.E. Hunt, I. Jansson, D.W. Macdonald, R.L. Mandisodza-Chikerema, A. Oriol Cotterill, C.Packer, D. Rosengren, M. Trinkel, P.A. White, C. Winterbach, H.E.K.,Winterbach, K.Stratford and P.Funston. 2016.

Biological Conservation. 201:160-168.

Spotted hyena survival and density in a lion depleted ecosystem: the effects of competition between large carnivores in African savannahs.

M'soka, J., S.Creel, M.S. Becker and E.Droge. 2016.

Journal of Applied Ecology. 201:348-355.

Effects of a protection gradient on carnivore density and survival: an example with leopards in the Luangwa valley, Zambia.

Rosenblatt, E., S.Creel, M.Becker, J. Merkle, H. Mwape, P. Schuette, and T. Simpamba. 2016.

Ecology and Evolution. 6:3772-3785.

Questionable policy for large carnivore hunting

Creel, S., Becker, M.S., D. Christianson, E. Droge, N. Hammerschlag, M.W. Hayward, U. Karanth, A.Loveridge, D.W. Macdonald, W.Matandiko, J. M'soka, D.Murray, E.Rosenblatt, P.Schuette. 2015.

Science 350: 1473-1475.

Developing fencing policies for dryland ecosystems.

Durant, S.M., Becker, M.S., Bashir, S., Creel, S., Dickman, A.J., Beudels-Jamar, R.C., Lichtenfeld, L., Hilborn, R., Wall, J., Wittemyer, G., Badamjav L., Blake, S., Boitani, L., Breitenmoser, C., Broekhuis, F., Christianson, D., Cozzi, G., Davenport, T.R.B., Deutsch, J., Devillers, P., Dollar, L., Dolrenry, S., Douglas-Hamilton, I., Dröge, E., FitzHerbert, E., Foley, C., Hazzah, L., Hopcraft, J.G.C., Ikanda, D., Jacobson, A., Joubert, D., Kelly, M.J., Milanzi, J., Mitchell, N., M'Soka, J., Msuha, M., Mweetwa, T., Nyahongo, J., Rosenblatt, E., Schuette, P., Sillero-Zubiri, C., Sinclair, A.R.E., Stanley-Price, M. R., Zimmermann, A., Pettorelli, N. 2015.

Journal of Applied Ecology. 52:544-551.

Underperformance of African protected area networks and the case for new conservation models: Insights from Zambia.

Lindsey, P.; Nyirenda, V. ; Barnes, J.; Becker, M.S.; McRobb, R.; Tambling, C.; Taylor, A.; Watson, F, T'Sas-Rolfes, M.

PLOS. 9:1-14.

Detecting declines of apex carnivores and evaluating their causes: an example with Zambian lions.

Rosenblatt E., Becker M., Creel S., Dröge E., Mweetwa T., Schuette P., Watson F., Merkle J, and Mwape H. 2014.

Biological Conservation 180: 176-186.

Assessing Human Encroachment Trends in Protected Area Networks Using Land Use Change Data: Implications for Large Carnivore Conservation.

Watson, F., M.S. Becker, J. Milanzi, and M. Nyirenda. 2014.

Regional Environmental Change:

Prevalence and diversity of Babesia, Hepatozoon, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella in wild and domestic carnivores from Zambia, Africa

Williams, B.M., A. Berentsen, B. C. Shock, M. Teixeira M. R. Dunbar, M. S. Becker, and M. J. Yabsley

 Parasitology Research

Evaluating wire-snare poaching trends and the impacts of by-catch on elephants and large carnivores

Becker, M.S., R. McRobb, F. Watson, E.Droge, B. Kanyembo, J. Murdoch, and C. Kakumbi, 2013.

Biological Conservation 158:26-36.

Estimating Past and Future Male Loss in Three Zambian Lion Populations

Becker, M.S., F. Watson, E.Droge, K. Leigh, R.Carlson and A.A. Carlson. 2012.

Journal of Wildlife Management

Rabies, canine distemper and canine parvovirus exposure in large carnivore communities from two Zambian ecosystems

Berentsen, A.R., M.R. Dunbar, M.S.Becker, J. M’soka, E. Droge, N. Sakuya, W. Matandiko, R. McRobb, and C.A. Hanlon.

Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

Conserving large populations of lions – the argument for fences has holes.

Creel, S., Becker, M.S., Durant, S.M., M'Soka, J., Matandiko, W., Dickman, A.J., Christianson, D., Dröge, E., Mweetwa, T., Pettorelli, N., Rosenblatt, E., Schuette, P., Woodroffe, R., Bashir, S., Beudels-Jamar, R.C., Blake, S., Borner, M., Breitenmoser, Broekhuis, F., C., Cozzi, G., Davenport, T.R.B., Deutsch, J., Dollar, L., Dolrenry, S., Douglas-Hamilton, I., Fitzherbert, E. Foley, C., Hazzah, L., Henschel, P., Hilborn, R., Hopcraft, J.G.C., Ikanda, D., Jacobson, A., Joubert, B., Joubert, D., Kelly, M.S., Lichtenfeld, L., Mace, G.M., Milanzi, J., Mitchell, N., Msuha, M., Muir, R., Nyahongo, J., Pimm, S., Purchase, G., Schenck, C., Sillero-Zubiri, C., Sinclair, A.R.E., Songorwa, A.N., Stanley-Price, M., Tehou, J., A., Trout, C., Wall, J., Wittemyer, G., Zimmermann, A. 2013.

Ecology Letters 16: 1413-e3.

Using pedigree reconstruction to estimate population size: genotypes are more than individually unique marks

Creel, S. and E. Rosenblatt.

Ecology and Evolution

Applying computer-aided photo-identification to messy datasets: a case study of Thornicroft’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti).

Halloran, K., J.D. Murdoch, and M.S. Becker. 2013.

African Journal of Ecology. 11:1-8 doi: 10.1111/aje.12145

Illegal hunting and the bush-meat trade in African savannas: drivers, impacts and possible solutions

Lindsey, P., Balme, G., Becker, M., Begg, C., Bento, C., Bocchino, C., Dickman, A., Diggle, R., Eves, H., Fearnhead, P., Henschel, P., Lewis, D., Marnewick, K., Mattheus, J., McNutt, J.W., McRobb, R., Midlane, N., Milanzi, J., Morley, R., Murphree, M., Nyoni, P., Opyene, V., Phadima, J., Purchase, N., Rentsch, D., Roche, C., Shaw, J., van der Westhuizen, H., Van Vliet, N., Zisadza, P. In Press.

Biological Conservation

Spatial Patterns of Wire-Snare Poaching: Implications for Community Conservation in National Park Buffer Zones.

Watson, F., M.S. Becker, R. McRobb, and B. Kanyembo. 2013.

Biological Conservation. 168:1-9.

Survey of gastrointestinal parasite infection in African lion (Panthera leo), African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) and spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

Berentsen, A.R., M. S. Becker, H.Stockdale-Walden, W. Matandiko, R. McRobb, M.Dunbar. 2012.

African Zoology 47:363-368.

Loss of genetic diversity in an outbreeding species: small population effects in the African wild dog (Lycaon pictus)

Leigh, K.A., K.R. Zenger, I. Tammen, and H.W. Raadsma. 2012

Conservation Genetics 13:767-777.

The size of savannah Africa: a lion’s (Panthera leo) view

Riggio, J., A. Jacobson, L.Dollar, H. Bauer, M. Becker, A. Dickman, P. Funston, R. Groom, P. Henschel, H. de Iongh, L. Lichtenfeld, and S. Pimm. 2012

Biodiversity and Conservation (Panthera_leo)_view/file/79e4150bd271848fd6.pdf

Zambian Carnivore Programme