Our Approach

The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) is a non-profit Zambian-registered trust working in close collaboration with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and dedicated to conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems they reside in through a three pronged approach of Conservation Science, Conservation Action, and Conservation Capacity.  

The success of this work fundamentally rests on our diverse and effective collaborations with local, national and international partners, agencies, organizations and institutions that collectively provide the expertise, resources and energy to address the myriad conservation challenges facing Zambia and the region.


Effective conservation relies on accurate and current data to guide and inform management actions. Consequently research and monitoring play a fundamental role in identifying, describing and evaluating dynamics, limiting factors and threats to species and ecosystems.


Not surprisingly, the diversity of biological, environmental and human variables across ZCP study sites results in a variety of threats and limiting factors to carnivores and their habitats. While accurate and current research is needed to effectively inform conservation efforts, eminent threats identified by research require immediate attention.


Sustainability of conservation efforts rely heavily on the capacity of Zambian organizations and individuals to successfully research and manage carnivores and their habitats, as well as on local community support for carnivores and wildlife.