Greater Kafue Team

Conducting work across the Kafue, ZCP’s Kafue project is based out of a seasonal camp at Treetops School and a year-round camp in Central Kafue’s Chunga area, working on an array of activities in Zambia’s largest cheetah and wild dog population.

Dr. Banda    IMG-196567-Panthera-ZCP-Research-Zambia-Sebastian-Kennerknecht.JPG

Dr. Kambwiri Banda

Dr. Kambwiri Banda joined the ZCP team in 2015, after receiving his vet degree from the University of Zambia in 2014. He is the field-based vet and the co-manager  for ZCP’s Greater Kafue Project. As a field vet in Kafue, his presence is critical for the important de-snaring work that ZCP and DNPW undertake in the area. Another former conservation club member from Mfuwe, Dr. Banda's versatility as both a vet and a skilled field researcher makes him a valuable member of the team. Dr. Banda is also involved in the delivery of Kafue's education outreach activities, in collaboration with Treetops School educational facility and DNPW's Chunga School.


Milan Vinks

Milan Vinks joined ZCP in  2015 and is a Masters Student at Montana State University, with his research focusing on population density and survival of African Lions in the Greater Kafue Ecosystem. Milan has been involved with work across the programme's study sites and now focuses his efforts in the Greater Kafue Ecosystem of central Zambia. Prior to his work with ZCP, Milan was involved in various research projects in the United States, specifically those focusing on Canada lynx and grizzly bear conservation in northwest Montana.


Charles Kalambata

Charles Kalambata is a Wildlife Police Officer for the DNPW, and has worked with ZCP since 2016. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Natural Resource Management at the Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management in Lusaka.


Kenny tepa

Kenny grew up in Greater Kafue and joined ZCP as a general camp assistant. Kenny has more skills and jobs than can be listed here. Ever resourceful and always smiling, Kenny makes camp life deep in the bush much more manageable.  


Ben Goodheart

Since graduating from the University of Montana in 2012, Ben Goodheart has worked extensively as a field ecologist, conducting a wide range of research on migratory songbirds, small mammals, forest carnivores and venomous snakes. His dream of working on African carnivores started at a young age and Ben joined ZCP as a field ecologist in April 2016. Ben Joined ZCP in April 2016 and spent two years in South Luangwa. He now co-manages the Greater Kafue Project.


Lameck Sakala

Lameck Sakala is a graduate of ZCP's Conservation Club programme, who joined our Conservation Biologist Training Program in 2015. Originally from the Luangwa Valley, Lameck is now an integral member of ZCP\'s research team in the Greater Kafue Ecosystem. He works as a Field Assistant as well as an environmental educator through our partnership with Treetops School and educational facility. Prior to ZCP, Lameck worked as a voluntary wildlife educator with Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Mfuwe.


Veddy Siabalima

Vedy grew up in the town of Siavonga and joined ZCP in 2017.  Previously trained as an electrician and mechanic; Vedy joined the Kafue team to fill the all important and badly needed mechanic role where he has proven to be invaluable. Always as fan of learning, Vedy continues to develop his skills as a mechanic and enjoys spending time in the field whenever possible