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We are a full-time field-based conservation organization and our teams log over 3,000 person days working in the bush each year--across the country’s primary ecosystems for large carnivores and herbivores. Follow all the action and insights with our dispatches from the field!



  • Zambian Carnivore Programme Annual Report to the Zambia Wildlife Authority

  • Carnivores, corridors, and communities: An outlook on carnivore conservation in Zambia



Given that the strongest measure of the validity of science-based management and conservation recommendations is publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, ZCP endeavors to ensure that findings and recommendations undergo this process as much as possible. We work with a variety of collaborating agencies, organizations, and institutions to accomplish this, and to ensure that these findings and recommendations are provided to managers and policy makers to help drive science-based conservation outcomes. To date ZCP has contributed to an array of scientific papers to provide science-based guidance on topics ranging from poaching, carnivore and herbivore demographics and survey techniques to genetics, disease, poaching, trophy hunting, fencing, community conservancies, land-use planning and human encroachment.