Luangwa Valley Team

Based in South Luangwa’s Lupande GMA the Luangwa team works on an array of conservation, research and educational activities throughout the country’s largest carnivore stronghold


Dr. Mwamba Sichande

Dr. Sichande received his veterinary education at the University of Zambia before working as a vet with domestic animals. In 2013 he joined ZCP and Conservation South Luangwa as a wildlife veterinarian. He now is one of the most experienced wildlife vets in the country and has been vital in de-snaring efforts in particular, darting an array of herbivores and carnivores in addition to his research support, and overseeing a domestic animal clinic, vaccination, spaying/neutering and poison response efforts.


Gibson Banda

Gibson Banda is part of the ZCP research team in Mfuwe, Eastern Zambia. He initially joined the team in 2009 and, after a brief re-allocation within ZAWA, he re-joined the Luangwa team in 2013. Gibson assists with all field research and, when not in the field with ZCP, partakes in anti-poaching work with DNPW.


Benny Mwila Beza

Originally from Mwanya, Benny was sponsored during his secondary school education by ZCP and is a graduate of the ZCP-CWET Conservation Club programme. He now is a full-time member of the research team for ZCP\'s Luangwa project, having gone through the extensive Conservation Biologist Training Programme. He also assists with the Conservation Club outreach programme.

Margret Mwale.jpg

Margret Mwale

Margret joined ZCP under the Women in Wildlife Conservation Training program in 2018. Her role includes assisting in the organization’s research and conservation work, and tutoring conservation club students.

phoca_thumb_m_tabu milanzi 2.jpg

Tabu Milanzi

Tabu joined ZCP in 2013 and is responsible for managing all the stores and vehicle parts as well as general camp maintenance.


Keshious Kaunda

Originally from the Northern Province, Keshious moved to Mfuwe in 2005 in search of job opportunities. He was hired by ZCP as night watchman in 2014 and is also responsible for general grounds maintenance.

Johnathan Merkle.jpg

Johnathan Merkle

Johnathan Merkle joined ZCP in 2012 after a two year stint with Peace Corps as a rural aquaculture instructor. With a degree in Zoology from the University of Florida, Johnathan has participated in a range of field research projects including bonobos in the DRC, wolves in Minnesota and as a volunteer in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Namibia. Johnathan is now the Project Manager for the ZCP South Luangwa research programme.


Henry Mwape

Henry Mwape is a Senior Ecologist and Education Coordinator of ZCP's conservation education program. He was raised in Mfuwe and is a former Conservation Club member. Henry joined ZCP in 2010 as intern while he was still at the University of Zambia. He is currently involved in all aspects of the organisation's carnivore research and leads the camera trap study on leopards. In 2018 Henry was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study spatial dynamics of Luangwa lions at the University of Arizona.


Reuben Kabungo

Reuben is a Department of National Parks and Wildlife scout, seconded to ZCP in 2014 to work as an assisting ecologist. He has been receiving intensive training on all aspects of field research at our ZCP study site in South Luangwa.


Mercy Njobvu

Mercy joined ZCP in August 2016 as the first recruit into the Women into Wildlife Research Training Programme. In addition to conducting field research, Mercy was trained as a conservation educator and academic tutor to senior secondary conservation club students. She now attends Veterinary School at the University of Zambia and assists the project during her term breaks.

Prince Kaluwe.JPG

Prince kaluwe

Born in Kitwe and raised in Livingstone, Prince trained as mechanic in Lusaka at the Greenwood Institute and has been working as a mechanic since 2006. Prince has always been fascinated by wildlife, with the honey badger being his favorite animal. In 2018, Prince joined ZCP as Luangwa’s mechanic where he is putting his mechanical know-how and interest in wildlife to good use.


Doris Banda

Doris has been with ZCP since its start up in 2007 and is from the local Kakumbi chiefdom. Her duties include general housekeeping and laundry and she also ensures that the camp is stocked with freshly baked bread and muffins.